Just a quick question for other Cowboys fans...

Timm Hamm

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So if you have friends who are fans of other teams, and those friends make fun of the Cowboys because of Jerry Jones, do you DEFEND Jerry because of his early success? Or do you kinda cave and bury yourself in the bushes?

Just wondering if y'all are ashamed of Jerry or proud he's the owner of your favorite team...


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No I have never felt shame with Jones, nor have I felt the need to defend him. He owns the Cowboys and do as he pleases and does not have to applogize for nothing. He is a genius marketer, he thinks big, he is not fraid to fail. He has his faults and who doesn't. I don't judge him nor anyone else in how they run their business. So, If people speak nonsense about Jones, I will speak in his favor as I would for anyone. Nonsense is nonsense no matter who speaks it. And if someone speaks negatively about Jones and my cowboys and it holds water, I will still speak up for my team and yet I can agree with them at the same time. Nonsense in nonsense and truth is truth no matter who speaks one or the other. So I have been known to speak up for him, and especially my cowboys and I have been known to speak very critical of them when our team is playing bad. But my loyalty will always remain with the the silver and blue star. therefore I will defend what I am loyal to. Truth does not allow me to be afraid to speak up for, or against anyone or anything, as long as it is realistic and truthful. I don't use pass success or failures for today. Hence yesterday was yesterday and today is today. Things could have been great yesterday but that does not mean that today will be great, and things could have been terrible yesterday and that does not mean things will be terrible today. One day at a time, and greatness is a new endeavor from one day to the next. Hard Work, Take Nothing For Granted, stay prepared, stay hungry. FAVOR FORTUNES THE PREPARED.
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